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ham_hams's Journal

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This is the official community for the unofficial Ham-Ham clique!

Who are we? A group of teenagers who like the anime Hamtaro and decided to "be" the characters. No, this is not a roleplaying clique, because we won't be roleplaying. All we'll be doing is posting things here- yes, RANDOM things -that could have absolutly nothing to do with Hamtaro. We're just friends who want to have fun.

Um... okay. Can I join? By all means, please do. There are still several spots open in this clique. The only requirements are that you must like Hamtaro, have a similar personality to the character you are choosing, have a livejournal (although some exceptions will be made), and have AOL Instant Messenger so you can display your Ham-Ham icon. Once you join, it would be preferred that you use your Ham-Ham LiveJournal icon when posting in this community, so that people can tell which Ham-Ham you are. If you STILL want to join, reply to one of our posts in this community stating your Ham-Ham and AIM name.

Which Ham-Hams are taken? The following, of course! Here's a listing of the Ham-Hams and a description of each.

Hamtaro: Ari. Hamtaro is a courageous hero. His adventurous spirit and fun personality make him a friend to everyone.

Bijou: Iris. A recent resident of France, the elegant Bijou enjoys her friends, ribbons and jewels. With her refined and delicate nature, she is the Ham-Ham sweetheart.

Boss: Gozen. Gruff on the outside, but sweet on the inside, this bachelor field hamster wants to be in charge. His name, Boss, may reflect what he wants to be, but he'd give his own helmet and shovel to a Ham-Ham in need.

Cappy: toad. Shy and hesitant, he is always looking for something new to put on his head. He's willing to try all sorts of things, but standard saucepans are his cap-of-choice.

Maxwell: Crono. A book-smart hamster of higher learning? The Ham-Hams go to Maxwell for knowledge of the world around them.

Sandy: Rizzo. Sandy, with her "valley-girl" ways is social and athletic. She keeps the Ham-Hams on their toes with her sporty style all the while keeping a close eye on her flirtatious twin brother, Stan.

Panda: Phayze. He is creative, sweet and enterprising and is willing to pitch in on a project. A builder and craftsman, he keeps busy drafting plans for many things and dreams of someday being a carpenter.

Pashmina: Kelsie. Responsible and dependable, Pashmina loves her Ham-Ham friends and anything that matches her favorite pink scarf that she always wears. She is also very friendly.

Jingle: IceHawk. The Ham-poet and lone guitar-playing wanderer. Jingle comes along to offer off-beat songs of wisdom to help the Ham-Hams find their way.

Oxnard: Ash. Oxnard is a timid and loyal hamster who is always hungry. He keeps a sunflower seed with him at all times to assure him that his next meal is not too far away.

Penelope: Saft. The youngest hamster, Penelope learns about the world through the other Ham-Hams who see her as a little sister and want to protect her. She has an extra special friend though, her favorite Ham, Pashmina. The only word Penelope can say is "Ookyoo!"

Stan: TamTu. The dedicated twin brother of Sandy, Stan fancies himself a Casanova hamster with his maracas and Latin rhythms. When he's not working out at the gym or trying to be Mr. Popularity, he can usually be found flirting with all the girl hamsters.

Dexter: Sigla. Dexter is exceedingly smart and can always answer the most difficult questions. He's constantly annoyed with Howdy, however, and they get in cynical quarrels a lot.

Howdy: Andy. He is a tidy, hard-working wise-cracker, who has an innate gift for financial matters. Never without his shop-apron, he can spruce up a room in minutes and not miss a chance to amuse others with one-liners along the way. Howdy lives in a convenience store.

Snoozer: Gabriel. Even though he's almost always sleeping, Snoozer is still the idea "Ham of few words." He occasionally wakes up to provide practical advice to the Hamsters when needed.


Laura: *Available.* Laura is a human, not a hamster. She's the owner of Hamtaro, and she does not yet know that he can understand what she says! A nice 5th grader, Laura is friendly to everyone.

Kana: Neko. Kana, also a human, is best friends with Laura. She has her own ham-ham, Oxnard, and doesn't know of the adventures that the ham-hams go on daily! She's kind and sweet.

Travis: *Available* Actually, Travis doesn't have a hamster. He is a classmate of Laura's, and she has a crush on him. Travis is a good soccer player.

Maria: *Available* Maria's Ham-Ham is Bijou. They used to live in France. She likes to play the piano.

Noel: *Available* Noel is Stan's owner. He is a college student, and he likes Hillary.

Hillary: *Available* Sandy's owner is Hillary. Both Sandy and her owner like to do rhythmic gymnastics.

June: *Available* June is the owner of Pashmina. She is best friends with Kylie, the owner of Penelope.

Kylie: *Available* Penelope's owner is Kylie. She is best friends with Pashmina's owner, June.