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Ham-Hams' Journal

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Saturday, November 16th, 2002
7:03 pm

Hey Hams Hams , my friend wants to be Laura maybe....

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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
11:57 am - YAY! XD


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Wednesday, July 24th, 2002
5:14 pm - hamha!
nekog Ladies, gentlemen and hamsters of all ages. I present to you, a hamtaro rpg, We need members, mind coming on over if ya want? ^_~


All character's arer avalible cept for pashmina (kelsie got her) First come first serve so hurry up my friends ^_____^

current mood: hyper

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2:07 pm - DAMMIT.

They're out of episodes of Hamtaro. So, enjoy reruns for a year or so!

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9:32 am - Sleuth.
rinoa The episode at 7 today was the one about Hamtaro being a super Sleuth. :P It was pretty cute, but Hamtaro acted stupid through a part of it. Poor Hamtaro. :(

The only thing the episode lacked was PASHMINA! I think she said two lines in the whole thing. Hehe.

current mood: amused

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Sunday, July 21st, 2002

Hamtaro needs to be on EVERYDAY. ;(

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Friday, July 19th, 2002
1:19 pm

Hi everyone! Sorry that it took me a week or so to post, but I just figured out how to post in a seperate community ^_^. Uhm...don't really know what else to say, so bye-Q!

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7:25 am - twirly.

Pashmina and I stayed up to watch Hamtaro at 7 AM. The episode was "The Search for Sandy's Brother". That episode now has a special place in my heart along with every other episode I have seen. :D

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Thursday, July 18th, 2002
10:19 pm

I will leave on Sunday until Saturday come back and be at lacrosse camp for 5 days.

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Monday, July 15th, 2002
7:57 pm

Marching Band ended early!
Kushi Kushi

current mood: dirty

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1:08 pm - Wowwww... pissed off Pashmina alert.
rinoa Jesus H. Christ.

I don't think I've EVER seen such a poorly run claiming community.

claim_anything is just the pits. I don't suggest you attempt to claim a thing, they'll shut you down for no reason due to poor management.

Why I hate this community.

Just had to get that off my chest...

...why do I always get screwed out of *everything*?

I don't even CARE about claiming communities, this just makes me ANGRY.

current mood: pissed off

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12:50 pm

I am currently searching Kazaa and the INTERWEB for Hamtaro movies, so all you poor foreigners can see it.

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12:46 pm

Phazye you can copy any test I take ;)

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Sunday, July 14th, 2002
3:51 pm - Ganondorf owns you.

Ok, I copied someone. I'm not very good at finding these little quizzes. WOO.

You are: Ganondorf

You are evil. You desire one thing and will do anything to acheive your goal!

Which Zelda Character are you? Quiz by Chocokitty13

current mood: cold

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12:15 pm
nekog Geezus what a wacky morning right after I wake up. My bro was late to work (he overselpt because he went to vist his girlfriend who is going to puerto rico today) and started running around getting dressed. It was funny XD

current mood: bouncy

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11:48 am

It's Hamtaro time!

Whee! Yippie! Yeah!
Kushi-Kushi Ticky-Ticky

When we work together it's much better!
My best friend!

We like sunflower seeds. . .khrrmp khrrmp khrrmp.
My Ham-Hams!

If she heads for trouble, we won't let her!

Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

Laura's gone to school, let's go to our Ham-Ham Clubhouse!

We can fix their troubles just be quiet as a mouse

Watch out for those cats you know they're smarter than you think

But if we work together we can make their plans sink!

(2nd Verse)

Snoozer, Howdy, Penelope, Panda,
My best friends!

Oxnard, Bijou, Cappy, Maxwell
My Ham-Hams!

Dexter, Boss, Pashmina, Jingle

Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

'scuse me while I work out, gotta run on my wheel

Hamtaro's here to help you!

Hamtaro's team is for you!

www.hamtaro.com go

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11:44 am

I am 89% Emo

Holy gee whilikers... I am as emo as it gets... I will try to cheer the heck up and stop wiping my nose on my sweater...

Take the Emo Test at fuali.com
I am 87% Geek

UBER GEEK! My mad skills would make Linus Torvalds shake in his boots. But I seldom, if ever, get laid. Well, there are always the web-cam girls!

Take the Geek Test at fuali.com
I am 80% Internet Addict

Whoa, am I ever addicted! I'm probably a little over weight with lots of acne, feeling lost, and alone, trying to escape from my sorry life with an internet life. I must crawl outta the basement, see

Take the Internet Addict Test at fuali.com
I am 82% Ska

Pick it up, I skank! I am one full-fledged crazy Rudie, I am going to go celebrate my victory with some skankin'!

Take the Ska Test at fuali.com
That is enough for now

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11:34 am - Baddabaddabadda...

quiz created by Tsukitty

Who would've guessed? ;D

current mood: amused

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11:31 am - Hamha and icons.
rinoa Please welcome our new Boss, gozen96, and our new Oxnard, ashtheunholy. The old Oxnard got removed because he didn't have a livejournal and he wouldn't be online much anyway. :( It's okay, though, because we all love Psyker. <3

Anyway, here are the icons I made.


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11:32 am

I am going to actively journal here, so muha

You are: the monkey

You are more than willing to help people at your own risk! Unforunatly, people usually won't listen to you.

Which Zelda Character are you? Quiz by Chocokitty13

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